Thursday, October 12, 2006

Month 3 - Why Permed Ends?

I am just two weeks shy of my 3 month milestone. Yeah! I thought I'd blog about my decision to NOT cut off my permed ends. This also goes out to Toni, a new addition to the Sisterlock family. Welcome Toni!

Before making the transition to Sisterlocks, I had made numerous visits to various blogs to read others' thoughts on the topic of 'starting fresh', or going natural for an extended period of time prior to being locked. While I was inspired by the bravery of these ladies, I was not totally sold on the idea for myself. I believe it was mostly due to fear of the unknown. I've cut my hair into short styles in the past, but they were always permed cuts. I was unsure of how I would like my hair being short AND natural. That's the commercially programmed side of me, I know. But, none the less, I couldn't bring myself to embrace this notion. And so, here I am with about 3 inches of locked new growth and for the most part about 4 - 5 inches of permed ends.

I remember, as if it were moments ago, my consultant discussing the notion with me during my initial consultation. She said, 'You definitely don't have to cut your permed ends off. That's the beauty of Sisterlocks. However, you may discover, as many later do, that you wish you had".

Well, here it is, nearly three months later, and I do believe she was right! :-)) I am constantly running my fingers through my hair and trying to decipher how much new growth it would require before I can feel comfortable with cutting my ends. I think I've now gotten used to this length. If I had it to do over again, I'm not completely convinced that I would have cut my hair. I will say that I'm kind of enjoying my hair in this state. It's easier for me to notice the transition, and I'm enjoying doing roller sets and using the Caruso curlers I just bought! Whenever I am finally completely locked, I believe this will be about the length I will keep them (perhaps a bit longer because I'm sure I'll hate to cut it once it's all completely locked and looking fierce!). Until then, I will wait patiently - or to quote the fabulous Tressie D., I will have 'Patience, Faith, and Vision' to see this into fruition. Happy Locking to All!!!