Monday, September 01, 2008

Me and My Sisterlocks During the Past 8 Months....

Rather than make excuses as to why I have not posted for so long...(because I know none of the reasons are foreign to any one of you...yet you still find time to post...which is precisely why I won't give any excuses...ahh the guilt, the guilt!) ...I thought, instead, I would just provide a brief synopsis touching on a few of the main points... I do also want to take a moment to thank everyone who dropped me a line to check on me during my absence from the blog world. It feels good to know my blog has helped sisters like me! This post is for y'all!

Since my last post...In order of occurrence...

1. The pre-occupation I spoke of in my January post was due to my second pregnancy. Yes, the Lord blessed us with another beautiful child (who I'll call 'Cupcake' - her Nana's pet name for her) in May. Pregnancy for me was more fun and easier the second time around, but I was still lazy!

A very pregnant me (above) and again w/ my DH at a wedding.



2. My family's strength, courage, and faith were tested when two men, driving on the wrong side of a twisty country road one Wednesday afternoon, met my mother-in-law and my son almost head on in a collision that left the driver of the other vehicle dead, my mother-in-law with extensive serious injuries and my son with (thank you Lord) a small fracture to his left tibia-fibula. I was 8 months along into my pregnancy. My son, JEGM, is now fine...the leg healed nicely...after a 6 week stint in a full leg cast! Nothing nice about sponge bathing a toddler for 6 weeks! To give an idea of how serious mama's injuries were, I went on maternity leave the next month (after the accident) for 12 weeks, and when I returned to work, she was still in the hospital. She is still unable to walk right now, but she is a fighter and continues with physical therapy twice a week. We all pray to see her walk again soon.


JEGM and his cast just before they took it off...obviously he was really looking forward to the moment when he would finally rid himself of that dead weight!

3. I was able to sneak away to have some much needed maintenance done to my hair...I had my locs cut - Which now OFFICIALLY marks the END OF MY PERMED ENDS - Hallelujah!!! And I finally got some color with highlights.

(First two shots are just before hair appt.)

Post color & trim... This was yet another lazy day...had my hair up in a clip because I just didn't feel like doing much in the way of styling...ahh...the beauty and convenience of Sisterlocks!! Doesn't sound very eventful does it? Well, add being a Mommy who's needed 24/7 all over again and this is what you get....no time....or very little time