Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Spoke to Dr. Cornwell!!!

There I was, at work, near the end of my day - I had reminded myself that I needed to call the Sisterlock order line to place an order for a spare clip tool (My consultant had urged me to order a spare tool in the event that I happen to lose or misplace the tool I received during the retightening class). I called, left my request with the answering service, along with my contact phone in hopes of getting a speedy call back with instructions for placing my order. Around 5pm, I received a call back. The lady on the other end was sweet. I could tell that she was relatively new at the order taking task, but she was very helpful and accommodating, nonetheless. I provided the reason for my initial call: I wanted to purchase two clip tools. I told her that I had completed the Sisterlocks Retightening course back in February and could provide my documentation per request. She asked me to hold for a moment, and I could hear her asking someone near her about my request. That's when a new voice spoke through the phone: 'Hello, this is Dr. Cornwell, how are you?' Dead silence. 'Hello?' she said again. I was rendered momentarily speechless. 'Excuse me?’ I said. Then it actually hit me...I am talking to Dr. JoAnne Cornwell! 'Oh my goodness, I, I'm so sorry, I just realized what you said! I am so surprised and thrilled to talk with you, Dr. Cornwell!' Of course, I went on to share with her my complete and utter adoration for her and the wonderful technique she created to be shared with so many sisters. She was so gracious and kind. I was so thrilled! She went on to say that she wanted to talk to me to be sure that I did take the course - she said that they are trying to become a bit more stringent on tool orders - I imagine many attempt to order the tool never having taken the course. I promptly thanked her one final time, and let her go. I was grinning from ear to ear as I collected my things for my quick exit home. My co-workers told me I looked like a kid who was just given a handful of candy. Without explaining too much (primarily because I knew they wouldn't understand the reason for my excitement) I replied that I just had a very good call and received some good news and in a flash I was out. Now, I'm sure I sound like the biggest dweeb, but I have always wanted to meet Dr. Cornwell (and still plan to). Seeing the pictures from her visit to the DFW area on Blaqkofi's blog, and many others, got me to thinking how I would love to meet her someday and give her a great big hug and tell her ‘Thank You’ to her face! So, for now, I will revel in my brief, chance phone call with Dr. Cornwell. What a treat!