Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving - 06

Ok, still no new camera...perhaps Santa will bring me one???

...but I wanted to share my Thanksgiving hair pics. The three of us packed up and drove down to my sister's house in Florida for the holiday. What fun!

I just had to post this pic of me at the beach. It was quite chilly out that day, hence the leather jacket, but it was so beautiful and peaceful there. I'm going to have to return when the weather's warm so I can really enjoy the scenery. Ok, my hair is all over my head, as you can see, but I thought at least you could see in better lighting (that natural light from the good Lord above) more of my hair texture as I'm transitioning.

The rest of these pics are just of me posing for some shots after Thanksgiving dinner.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Month 4 - Retightening

Just had my locks retightened in this photo. If I weren't so frustrated with the poor quality of my camera, I would have posted some additional pics. I am on the search for a new one. In the mean time, I wanted to at least post a pic for month 4. My consultant has given me the official go-ahead to begin trimming my hair...I think I'll wait. She has also given me the 'ok' to begin looking at coloring. Yeah! I've been looking forward to this time! I'm going to try to take it slow, however. My last exposure to color was not what I'd hoped. I surely don't want to be disappointed again. So, I'm off to research some qualified hairdressers with coloring skills!