Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Free!!!

Ok, so it’s been quite a while since my last ‘true’ post (oh the shame…I’m so ashamed) so let me start with a post that I have been meaning to do for months now…

I took the retightening class back in February ’07. I must say that I have felt liberated and empowered with my locs ever since. While I adore my consultant, it was a 2 ½ hour trek every 5 weeks for my retightening…that became old very quickly. I do, however, plan to visit her at least once a year for a check-up and possibly a grooming. For now, I'm just glad to be free!! I find myself retightening locks on a whim, these days. I need to be careful though, because I'm beginning to have locs all over that are at different stages....some are ready to be retightened, some are definitely in need, while others are not. Kinda a pain to search for the 'next potential loc to tighten'...but anyway...I digress...Oh, speaking of grooming, can anyone tell me what exactly I can plan to expect from a grooming session? I’m thinking that she will trim excess hair around each lock and maybe combine any tiny or weak locks? I’m sure I’m missing some things. Is it worth the $$$? Help?!

The first few times I attempted self-retightening, it literally took me 1 week for me to complete my head. I stopped frequently because my arms got ridiculously sore. Also, I kept getting confused with the direction I needed to point the tool, based on the side of my head I was working on….needless to say, it was very daunting at first. Several months I contemplated giving my consultant a call and telling her that I gave up and please help! But I know she would have encouraged me to finish on my own, so I forged on. Now, I am happy to report that my retightenings take about 2 days, with me working off and on both Saturdays and Sundays. I typically can finish before work on Monday if I start Saturday morning. My goal, of course is to get within 1 day, preferably about 3-5 hours would be ideal. I’ve made a slide show after some of the first ‘self sessions’.

The pics below are random pics taken pretty recently…some as recent as last week during my visit to my sister’s (went to the beach). In the picture of me and my son sitting down on the beach, I hope you can see some of the texture I’m getting with my locs. It’s kinda blurry because I got my camera wet, and I believe it was trying to fade away (it’s off being repaired now) I was proud of this pic. It’s one of the few times I’ve worn my hair up (it’s just now beginning to be long enough on the sides…still no go on the back up-dos yet…that reminds me of my next post….my kitchen…still to come).


roxy said...

thanks for tagging me - i just made my post. :)

your hair is absolutely beautiful! congrats on being able to retighten yourself. i recently ordered the nappylocs tool and have been playing around with that on my (nearly) 6-month-old locs. it is definitely going to take some getting used to, but i know i just have to keep trying until i get it right.

Goodnapps said...

Your hair is really coming along. It must be nice to see definable locks now. Congrats on DIY retigtening. I'm in the process of doing my own as well. I haven't got anywhere near as far.

What tool are you using?

ape said...

Hello my name is LiTedra I am in pensacola Fl me and my sister have been searching for some journals where people have actually keep there relaxed ends for a while we have about 12 inches of relaxed hair and almost 2 inches of new growth and we are wanting to what consultant started your locs and where is she located.

Chosen Vessel said...

BEAU-TI-FUL!!!! I like the slideshows. You really look beautiful in the wedding photo especially :)

Cashana said...

Your hair is looking great. I am looking and dreading taking the retightening class, but I know I want the freedom to do my own hair and save some money. Looking forward to more updates.

Jena Evans said...

You locs, you and your son all look adorable. Glad to see you are well and blessed~

I've gotten down to a day and a half with retightening... Shooting for a day... Keep at it~

SistaLocd said...

Your locks look great! Good luck and hang in there on doing it yourself! I love those curls in the slide show. May I ask what rollers you used?

Maryee said...

Beautiful slide show! Looking good!!!

Aundrea said...

I am sooooo late in responding to these comments, so please accept my apologies guys!! :-(

Roxy, glad to know that you've posted your tag responses. However, I can't seem to reach your blog?? Where's your link and I'll add it to my blog. Btw, thanks for the compliment!! From what I can see in your profile pic, your hair looks like it's gorgeously full! I was recently contemplating on gettin the Nappylocs tool, but then decided to stick with the Sisterlock clip tool for now...since I'm just really starting to get the hang of it. ;-)) Keep me posted on your success with the tool, I'd like to know how you are faring!

Hi Ms. Goodnapps!! Thanks! I just visited your blog and my oh my, has your hair grown!!! It is rockin'!! I know you are proud, especially looking at the before and after shots!! Your hair always looks so healthy too!!

Hi Litedra, Wow! 12 inches! Impressive! I look forward to seeing your progress! In response to your question about consultants, my consultant is Tressie Samuel and she is in the Atlanta area. Drop me an email, and I'll be happy to send you her info!

Hi there Chosen Vessel! Thanks for the kind words! I thought I needed to get more creative with my posts...I've seen such great ones out there, including yours!! Btw, you look great, and so does your hair!! I'm so jealous of that great weight loss! Way to go! :-))

Hey Cashana - Thanks! Yeah, the retightening thing can really seem daunting, but just remain focused on your goal, to be independent and to save money! ;-) It'll make it all worth it in the end! Good luck! Post some pics of your DIY retightening sessions!

Hi Jena! Thanks, and thanks again for tagging me! ;-)) I just know that we'll both be down to 3 hrs before too long!! Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks Sistalocd! I will keep at it. I'm determined...right now, my whole weekend is shot whenever it's time to retighten...bummer! ;-)) To answer your question about the curlers: I use Caruso’s like they are going out of style! I’m constantly having to buy replacement rollers because I wear them out so quickly! ;-))

Thanks Maryee! So are you and your locs!!

Sogolocs said...

Your locks looks wonderful. Congratulations on your success with tightening your own locks. I am not so brave, I took the course but the rotations are somewhat confusing. I was afraid of doing more damage then help. You sort of inspired me though. Your hair looks great.

Naturally Free said...

I remember when I first started re tightening my own locks in 05. I thought I had done some major damage. I kept combining locks on accident, couldn't remember my last point of entry, etc... You will get quicker the more often you do it. Oh, I also had locks that were in need and some that were re tightened all over. I couldn't keep my hands out of my hair!

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