Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving - 06

Ok, still no new camera...perhaps Santa will bring me one???

...but I wanted to share my Thanksgiving hair pics. The three of us packed up and drove down to my sister's house in Florida for the holiday. What fun!

I just had to post this pic of me at the beach. It was quite chilly out that day, hence the leather jacket, but it was so beautiful and peaceful there. I'm going to have to return when the weather's warm so I can really enjoy the scenery. Ok, my hair is all over my head, as you can see, but I thought at least you could see in better lighting (that natural light from the good Lord above) more of my hair texture as I'm transitioning.

The rest of these pics are just of me posing for some shots after Thanksgiving dinner.


NappyTexanGirl said...

Your locks look beautiful. You look so different on your recent photos than from your profile pic.

I love make-up (MAC) and I just had to compliment you on your application. Your make-up is flawless....

Goodnapps said...

You've got the art of managing your two textures down to a science.

Beautiful pics.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Really nice pics on the beach and with your beautiful family!

Girl, you are working that "smoky" eye shadow! I need to take notes on how you blended those eyes!

Naturalist1 said...

Your hair is beautiful. I also love your make-up. I love your make-up as well.

Anonymous said...


You look stunning! First the hair, you are doing a great job with managing your permed ends with the locked hair. Now the make-up, your make-up looks beautiful. Along with that hair, make-up and your beautiful smile you also have a nice looking family.

Be blessed

Anonymous said...

Kudos to getting SLs. Beautiful photos of you & your family. I agree with everyone else re: the makeup-- FLAWLESS. You Glamour Lock Diva!


CloudNine said...

Your hair is gorgeous! It seems to be making the transition wonderfully!

Aundrea said...

Thanks guys! I guess we're always our own worst critic...I thought the pics (especially the close-ups) showed how horribly I applied my make-up! I appreciate the compliments that much more now! ;-)

Hey Creyole: The smoky thing? I
tried to re-create the technique I saw in a magazine picture of one of my favorite models - Tyra Banks. She can REALLY do smoky with her beautiful eye color and all...I just try to scrape by! ;-))

I sure hope this 'managing' two textures lasts for a while! I don't have a clue what I'll do if/when faced with cutting off the perm...though I feel it IS the inevitable.

BlaqKofi said...

Aundrea, first of all, welcome to the SL family. I've just read your entire blog and I'm so proud of you and your progress. Your locks are beautiful and I admire you taking the plunge with two textures of hair! You will only grow more content as the relaxed ends are cut and you experience the true freedom of being natural with SL. You and your family are beautiful. I can only say that both you and DH will be in a for a pleasant surprise as your locks mature.

Maryee said...


Your hair is just awesome!!!!!!!!! So lovely!!!

Tra said...

You are indeed working it! I love the curls on you and agree with everyone else about you managing two textures well.

Sounds like you are right on track with enjoying this stage as you become prepared for the next stage of you locks.

Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Your hair is beautiful and as so many before have commented your make up is great. You have a beautiful family and it looks as if you had a great time. Be sure to take the time to go back to the beach when it warms up as that is a great place to meet and commune with God.

Char C said...

Hello sista! Please tell me how you got your holiday look. Your doin it right please share! Thanks:)

Aundrea said...

Blaqkofi, Maryee, Tra, Linda and Char C: Thanks so much for visiting and for the words of encouragement...Thank you, Thank you!!

Char C: I used Caruso Steam Rollers for those curls...I love those curlers...they're the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across your blog because I'm REALLY thinking about getting Sisterlocked! I just wanted to say that you look beautiful!!! and I'm not just talking about your hair even though your locks look fabulous! (I usually don't say fabulous but I'm watching America's Next Top Model)

So, this is just me stopping by and showing my admiration!!!