Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Love The Holidays!

The cold weather (well, in our case, mildly cool weather...we've been experiencing unusually mild weather this holiday season...), the good times with family and friends, and most of all....I AM NOT AT WORK!!!!! Yeah!! I got the chance to spend some much needed time with my little one, and that was all of the Christmas present I needed (though, I enjoyed my gifts too ;-) ). Looking forward to the New Year and more progress with my locks!

I pray that you all have had a blessed Christmas!!!


locizm said...

i'm next door to you and enjoying the mild winter too yay! happy holidays. peace

Aundrea said...

Happy New Year to you! I think, especially after this weekend, I'm really ready for some REAL winter weather, how about you? BTW, I've read your blog - great! And your locks look fab!

Brenda said...

Sorry I've been lax in adding to my bloglists. Happy New Year to you! You look lovely.

Chosen Vessel said...

Hi Aundria,

Can you do me a favor, on your blog roll instead of having my name "abena" can you change it to Chosen Vessel? Thanks.