Monday, July 09, 2007

Yes, I am alive....and I've been Tagged!

Shame, shame on me for being out of touch for so long. I know when I say that I've been super busy with work, home maintenance, and family most everyone will say...and?? for I'm sure that many of you have many of the same juggling acts to do and much more! So, I wish I could claim another reason, but alas, I must say that my juggling has left very little room for blogging. However, I have made myself a promise that I will post at LEAST once a month (though I'm shooting for 2 - 3 times p/month). I also commit to visiting more sites and commenting as much as possible. I have much to share with you guys and have missed everyone. I can't wait to catch up on my blog reading!! Well, here's my start...

Thanks Jen and Cashana, for tagging me! I had begun to think no one cared! lol! ;-)) Jen, I must say, the most recent pic you have on the LHBE is phenomenal! You look beautiful and so do your locs!!

1. I’m a lefty. [I'm an underwriter, by the way. See link.] Growing up in a household with all right handed people (4), it has always baffled me that I stuck to my left handed ways. I believe I am a bit mixed up though, I must say...when I played softball as a kid, I batted right-handed, and I wear my watch on my left arm...as most right-handed people do. I love being left-handed though...makes me feel special. Shout out to all of the lefties out there! ;-)

2. I make jewelry in my spare time. (hah! whenever THAT is ;-)) ) I have developed a true fondness for the craft and enjoy the way it allows me to broaden my accessory collection. I can wear a different color/style every day (although, I don’t…haven’t made myself sit in one place long enough.) I’ll have to do a post about my hobby.

3. I’m originally from up north (Detroit, MI by way of Scranton, PA). I ventured down south to attend college (college-A, college-B) and haven’t been back since (except to visit). I love the HEAT!

4. I absolutely LOVE to eat. But not just any food, I love delicious foods…Italian, Cajun, Japanese, and of course Soul Food, to name a few. I love going to new places and trying new twists on some of my favorites. My friends say that I am very…let’s say…passionate about my food. I’ve been accused of ‘making out’ with my food on occasion! ;-)

5. I love movies, theatre, opera, and ballet. I don’t get the opportunity to do the latter (3) as much as I would like, but hey…I guess that’s just more that I have to look forward to. I am absolutely sick that I wasn’t able to go to NYC for The Color Purple.

6. My dream and goal is to be an entrepreneur and to be able to provide a legacy for my children and their children’s children. (Although, at the moment, we’re only on child one, we’re hoping to expand sometime in the near future).

7. I am so Proud to have Sisterlocks! What a great network of people it allows me to be in touch with!

Next up??...Let's see...how about Chocolocs, Ama Alisa, Ree-C, Shaun, Roxy, Moosiko, and GIgirl! (I tried to find people who haven't recently given 'tagged' responses...my apologies if you've responded before. If you have, will you comment me a link to them? Thx!!

I'll be posting tomorrow as well...it will have pics included....;-)


Brenda said...

Great to see you back! I'll be on the look-out for your new pics. My DH is a lefty also but I think he's an overwriter.

Chosen Vessel said...

Welcome back sis!!! Glad to hear all is well and that you were just busy all of this time (smile). I enjoyed learning more about you, I actually tagged you as well a few months ago, so it was good to read this post (((Laughs))).

Take care,

Ama Alisa said...

Aundrea! Thank you for the motivation. You TAGGED me...now I REALLY need to post comments and pictures.

Cashana said...

Yeah, you are back!

Jena Evans said...

Thank you for the compliment... Maryee is a lefty, too... lefty's are cool... Glad you are back~


Aundrea said...

Thanks ladies!! Good to be back! I'm slowly making my way to everyones blogs so that I can catch up!!